Upgrades & Enhancements

Your investment in SAP Enterprise or Standard support (maintenance) provides you access to the latest innovations and functionality.  The business case for an upgrade, though of course customer specific, is likely to consist of a mix of benefits from risk avoidance through to strategy enablement.  The approach to delivering and exploiting an upgrade also provides structure to developing the business case.

Technical Upgrade

  • Focus on pure technology upgrade.
  • Retain functionality used.
  • Review usage of custom developments.
  • Minimal change management.
  • Benefits are mostly in risk avoidance.
  • Automation in testing and planning delivers maximum yield.

Functional Enhancement

  • New functionality to be implemented as part of the upgrade.
  • Replacing bespoke development with enhanced standard functionality.
  • Focus on reduction of system complexity.
  • Change management focussed on point processes or departments.
  • Benefits in cost reduction.

Strategic Exploitation

  • Focus on functionality extension and improvement.
  • Enablement of new and optimized business processes and scenarios.
  • Exploitation of new ways of working.
  • Benefits in further cost reduction and/or enabling increased revenue.
  • Significant change management to gain maximum benefits.