Solman Overview

A Web Portal for Communication and Transparency

  • Our service management system is an enhanced version of SAP Solution Manager v7.1.
  • It meets all the audited requirements of SAP’s Partner Centre of Expertise certification.
  • Our system has been enhanced over the last seven years to meet our customers’ needs.

Key Features

  • Easy to use, web portal for 24/7 access and logging.
  • Documentation of each solution (huge Knowledge Base).
  • Tracking of messages (incidents, changes) in terms of:
    • The customer’s internal organisation
    • Cross-reference to customer’s ticket management if applicable.
    • Tracking of SAP’s transports (CTS) for each message.
    • Time spent by each consultant working on the solution.
    • Tracking of message status.
    • Updates automatically emailed.
    • Integration with consultants’ timesheets.
  • Total transparency for our clients.

The slideshow below provides a brief overview of our enhanced Solman system.  For more detail please use the links below to go through each slide in more detail.