On-Demand SAP Support

All of our support services are based upon our unique combination of:

  • Highly experienced support consultants;
  • On-Demand access with 15 minute charging; and
  • Customer transparency, control, and knowledge transfer.

Experienced Support Consultants

Our clients’ SAP solution is core to their business, and the support of their SAP system is core to our business, not something we do in-between projects.

For us to deliver a truly on-demand support service, our consultants must be able to interact with clients and analyse a situation with minimal prior knowledge of their client’s systems. Therefore we recruit only local, highly experienced SAP professionals (our average SAP experience is 14 years across the team), who can equally talk with users or IT staff, immediately understand the requirement, and get things right first time.

Our consultants, many of which have worked on multiple full life-cycle projects, have consciously chosen SAP Support as their career. They are motivated by delivering high levels of service and thrive on the challenge of working with multiple clients, often in the same day.

When PASàPAS entered the Great Place to Work survey in France we finished second in our category.

Not surprisingly, since the company was founded, we have experienced an exceptionally low attrition rate of 2.2% per year (half of it due to 2 people retiring).

On-Demand Access to SAP Experts

Our people, processes and systems are built to provide a mutualised support environment.  The right people can be deployed on their respective parts of any piece of work with their time being charged down to 15 minute increments.  This ensures our customers get the right expertise, that we can be flexible, and that they only pay for productive time.

Our commercial model has been designed for an On-Demand service.  Even with the minimal commitment (equivalent to around 5 days work), our clients can submit all their service requests as needed for 12 months, our support team will deal with them, and they will be charged monthly - purely on a pay per use basis.

Because they only pay for what they use, our clients get the benefit of a full-time dedicated team covering all of their SAP requirements, for a fraction of the cost.

Customer Transparency, Control & Knowledge Transfer

Since the inception of PASàPAS we have continuously enhanced our Solution Manager system to deliver a highly functional web portal for our customers and consultants alike.  It is a searchable repository of knowledge that helps us deliver on our promise that a customer only pays once.  It provides transparency and control over how our resources are deployed on our customers' behalf, and it integrates our time and billing with our knowledge capture and documentation.  For more information please check out our Solman Overview.