Dispelling the Myth: Existing and New SAP Customers

“We’re too small for SAP, SAP is too expensive for our size of company, we run SAP but it’s very expensive to support and extend.” Sound familiar? PASaPAS presents a different view!  SAP is the market leader in the SME (Small – Medium Enterprise) company sector by quite a stretch, so it’s no coincidence; however, they and us are not complacent, particularly in the current economic climate. So together we can provide better value for money and leverage from any existing investment in SAP software you may have made. This could be by extending the reach of the software through the introduction of new business solutions, either from within your ERP estate, such as Warehouse Management or through the addition of any of the following:

N.B.(if you are not running the current version of SAP ERP, ECC 6 you may need help to upgrade)


The most comprehensive, integrated and most widely used Business Management software covering all aspects of operating todays businesses. 

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SAP Cloud for Customer

Your challenge: your sales force is screaming for fast, easy sales applications that actually help them close business. You need new sales solutions designed for the way your sales people sell today – and are a breeze to use, affordable, and quickly integrate with your whole back-office operation.

Designed from the ground up for salespeople like you. Work smarter. Sell better. Win more. It's that simple.

SAP Cloud for Sales: Retail Execution

PASàPAS have a strong track record in SAP Retail.  With that experience we are especially excited by the opportunities provided by the new Retail Execution functionality in SAP Cloud for Sales.  Providing intelligence driven planning and disciplined execution with the customer at its centre.

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Next Generation User Experience: On the desk, and Mobile


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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Unlock the full power of your business information for competitive advantage by relying on our business intelligence solutions. Empower everyone in your organisation with self-service information access – whether they're in the office or using a mobile device. Equipped with the right information, your people can respond more quickly and confidently, prevent rework and make a greater contribution to your organisation.

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