SAP User Experience

The age of the smartphone has brought an expectation that sophisticated technology should be intuitive: no manuals, no training, and easy to use.  However, until very recently our SAP systems user interfaces had changed remarkably little in 30 years.  Now SAP are implementing their user experience (UX) strategy, providing us with a coherent approach to bringing enterprise systems into the mobile age.

Intuitive user interfaces bring a number of significant business benefits:

  • Improved user take-up and accuracy;
  • Deployment on different device types: PC, tablet, or mobile;
    • Information and analysis where and when it is needed.
    • Execute processes where the user needs to.
  • Lower cost of change and deployment;
  • Lower training costs.


SAP's UX Strategy

In this video SAP present their three point strategy for user experience.

1. New

SAP are developing new applications under the Fiori umbrella of UI5 applications.

2. Renew

The core transactions are being redeveloped for Fiori.

3. Enable

SAP are providing end-users and partners technology to create their own great user experience.  We can do this using UI5 in the Fiori style, or SAP Screen Personas that enables menus and transactions to be simplified and made specific and intuitive to your business.