Overview of BW load activity - ST13

Analysis and Service Tools Launchpad for BW (tx ST13)

When reviewing the load processes for a new BW system it is frequently tricky to get a quick overview of the system with the standard transaction RSMON. RSPCM is useful but there is no guarantee is is displaying the entire list of chains in operation.  With the widespread adoption of Process Chains, the graphical scheduling & monitoring tool used to organise dataloads and other scheduled activities in BW, it is much more relevant to monitor whole Process Chains, and this is where ST13 is really useful.

Select transaction ST13 and pick the BW-TOOLS item and execute.

Pick Process Chain Analysis and execute

Click on the Process Chains item

Now select the date and time range ... Note you can also choose to hide by chain result RAG status

Sort the display by date and time.

The display of the process chains is very useful.  Note the following:

  • Column main indicates if the process chain was a direct schedule or a meta chain
  • The chain name is a hotspot to the chain hierarchy
  • The log-id is a hotspot to the chain log view
  • Unlike RSPC the runtime is instantly visible with the start and end details
  • You can filter on the main chains and exclude the meta chains

You can also see the chains represented as a GANT chart to show all the overlaps and scheduling pinch points - select the chains by row trhat you wish to view and select Gant from the menu either by minute, hour or day.






Author: Ian MacLaren
Ian is an SAP BI and BPC expert with over 14 years of experience in strategy, design, development and support for a wide range of customers in industries including pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics and local government. He is experienced in all phases of the project life cycle from user requirements gathering through to maintenance and support. In developing large scale pan European and global projects he has gained a reputation for delivering the highest quality work to tight schedules.