Le Parisien, 9th March 2015 edition: "PASàPAS, an SME on the move!"

"Move more at work to feel better" in the March 9, 2015 edition of newspaper Le Parisien.
Physical inactivity is the enemy of the well-being of employees. However, a few good habits are sufficient to avoid adverse effects.

Facebook made its employees work standing up. Google and Microsoft have even placed treadmills in front of computers. But theres no need to be an engineer in Silicon Valley to initiate movement in business.

A Parisian SME, PASàPAS, challenged its employees to achieve 200 million steps per day between 15th September and 31st December of last year. Specializing in IT support, the company sees its 105 employees spend long hours in front of their screens. And very little in their sneakers. To ensure the smooth running of the operation, Jésus Berecibar, cofounder and president of PASàPAS, gave all of his team electronic bracelets which record every step. He even invited some business partners to join the challenge. To provide motivation, for every 10 million steps, PASàPAS partially funds the training of a young person with academic difficulties. Result: more than 90% of employees and about thirty customers joined in "All together, we have made the equivalent of five times around the world, says Jésus who also participated in the challenge and is satisfied to see his cholesterol down. Coupling the challenge to a good cause increased motivation. But it also made people feel better physically. As a consequence, sixty walkers continue their efforts today. "According to WHO recommendations (World Health Organization), everyone should make 10,000 steps a day. A level that few workers reach. But the increased risks of a sedentary lifestyle are many: obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, phlebitis. Not to mention an increase of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders). (...) Find the rest of the article in Le Parisien or www.leparisien.fr.


Author: PASàPAS Team