2 Step table maintenance view with dates

In this table maintenance view, START DATE and END DATE for the record are displayed in the Overview of a 2-step maintenance screen in transaction SM30

However this does not happen by accident and you MUST select a specific domain in your table, otherwise the dates are simply ignored by the generation software within SAP


In this example, for the screen to work, the domains used are BEGDA and ENDDA


In fact, SAP will only allow the following domain names with a DATUM type domain and all others are ignored by the generator;


Read this blog http://scn.sap.com/thread/557840 for more details.

Author: Ian MacLaren
Ian is an SAP BI and BPC expert with over 14 years of experience in strategy, design, development and support for a wide range of customers in industries including pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics and local government. He is experienced in all phases of the project life cycle from user requirements gathering through to maintenance and support. In developing large scale pan European and global projects he has gained a reputation for delivering the highest quality work to tight schedules.