Our Values

We have built our business around specific customer service characteristics. These form the basis of our business culture and are the very reason all our customers continue with us.

► When I have a problem I want it fixed, and I want it to stay fixed.
At PASàPAS we take professional pride in providing the right solution, not just enough to close the message.

► I don’t want a contract discussion for every issue, enhancement, or business emergency.
Your PASàPAS contract does not differentiate between incidents, enhancements or guidance.  We just get on with the job of supporting you.

► I want experts on-tap who understand my issues.
We recruit and retain local experts; typically with more than 10 years SAP experience.

► I don’t want to pay for support to be on stand-by, “just in case”.
The PASàPAS pay-as-you-go model means you only pay for productive time.

► I don’t want to pay extra for support when an incident should have been covered, or partly covered, under my SAP Maintenance.
Typically PASàPAS maintenance customers pay 15% less for support. This is because they don’t pay for any activity that is included in SAP Maintenance.

► I don’t want to pay to develop enhancements if the functionality is already covered in the standard SAP product.
Our expert support consultants will always suggest a standard approach rather than a development “quick fix”.

► I don’t want to pay to fix an incident if I’ve already paid for it to be fixed before.
All our activity is documented in our Solman system, and we provide you with access so that you can retrieve and exploit your previous solutions.

► I simply want value for money and a long term relationship I can believe in.
So do we.  We believe that a long term relationship is the only way to continuously lower your support costs.