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  • By: Ian MacLaren

    When reviewing the load processes for a new BW system it is frequently tricky to get a quick overview of the system with the standard transaction RSMON.   But you can get a quick overview of process chain with the BW Analysis and Service Tools Launchpad.

  • By: Ian MacLaren

    Usually you use a SAPLOGON.INI file maintained centrally within your organisation for all the SAP systems that you need to access but occasionally it is useful to be able to create your own entries.

  • By: Ian MacLaren

    If you often you need to logon to SAP Service Marketplace (OSS) with different S-IDs, as SAP will prompt for your credentials several times during an OSS session, using a certificate for each S-ID saves you a lot of password typing.

  • By: Stuart Perry

    It is rarely used, perhaps that’s due to a lack in knowledge of its existence or simply due to a lack of need or desire to use it but SAP’s Cash Journal functionality can be used to easily process and track Petty Cash.

  • By: PASàPAS Team

    27 April 2015

    It's not yet too late to start your SAP BI migration project!  SAP BI 4.1 has significant improvements over BI 4.0.  This blog will highlight why to migrate and how to get started.

  • By: Aisha Engutsamy

    A simple configuration can be made for a customer requirement where additional CATS fields are to appear in the Manual Time Entry Creation screen.

  • By: Richard Taylor

    Learn how to use syntax that lets you directly enter codes (such as material and vendor) based on a search-help field; e.g. enter an EAN instead of the material number.  Ideal for using barcode (wedge) scanners.

  • By: PASàPAS Team

    "Move more at work to feel better" in the March 9, 2015 edition of newspaper Le Parisien.
    Physical inactivity is the enemy of the well-being of employees. However, a few good habits are sufficient to avoid adverse effects.